Write Enuff! are a writers group based in Glasgow. We all met last year in a Creative Writing class at Glasgow University. We decided that when the class finished for the year we would all get together to consolidate our learning and and keep on developing our writing. So we met every week and adopted the same format as pic 1-table charcoalclass; we did a writing exercise, looked at extracts of books to demonstrate techniques we wanted to learn more about. We also wrote at home and sent our stories to each other for work-shopping, and we discussed these every week. We had great discussions and many laughs.

We felt it would be a pity to let the stories we had worked hard on all year just lie within the pages of an exercise book or a word (or otherwise) document. So we decided we would polish our best work and put it in an Anthology of short stories.

We’re almost there 🙂

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